Wine Strawberry jam sandwich

strawberry redwinejam

20 slices of hand made bread
1/2 cup strawberry jam 
2 tablespoons of Rioja red wine 
10 slices of baked ham
10 slices of Manchego aged cheese
olive oil or unsalted butter

Heat the grilled. Mix the strawberry jam with the Rioja red wine. Spread the mixture on 10 of the handmade bread slices

Top with the ham and the manchego aged cheese, and close the sandwiches. Lightly butter the outside of the sandwiches, and cook over medium heat until toasted. If you don´t like butter, you can also toast the bread and add a bit of olive oil on top of the toasted bread.  This way you´ll be adding an amazing extra flavour. Cut in half and serve right away.

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