What Is The Macrobiotic Diet?

Diet means long life, but otherwise follow up can have serious health consequences . This type of diet or rejects all processed food considered adulterated by being manipulated . The diet goes through ten stages of dietary restriction to carry exclusive feeding grain.
Foods are classified into two categories: Yin and Yang , having to be a harmony between the two to achieve the physical and mental wellbeing. Yin foods are all-natural foods: sugar, fruit, honey or alcohol. Yang foods should limit, some of them are: salty foods, red meat, poultry or coffee.
The diet consists of diets that are numbered -3 to +7. The first five animal foods eliminate progressively becoming more vegetarians. The rest is eliminating processed foods or processed until you reach +7 diet, in which only consumed cereal grains crushed. In addition, it reduces the amount of water consumed, which may lead to dehydration . this diet Features:
  • Foods should be cooked with vegetable oil or water, clay or iron vessel and only salted with sea salt, no salt refined and / or supplemented.
  • Non-consumption of fruits and vegetables treated with manure and fertilizers.
  • It prevents food from countries away from the place where they live.
  • Priority is given to seasonal vegetables.
  • We avoid vegetables like potatoes, eggplants and tomatoes.
  • Nothing spices or chemical ingredients.
  • As fruitive only supported natural Chinese tea or Japanese.
  • They are recommended for cereals with different preparation: rice, wheat, rye, corn, barley, millet … However not recommend their meal.
  • It minimizes fluid intake.
  • Chewing each mouthful at least 50 times.

Nutritional consequences of diet adherence:
  • As we pass from -3 to +7 diet begin to appear deficient in protein, iron, calcium, vitamins A, D, C and B12.
  • Besides the high presence of philately decreases abosorciĆ³n of the few minerals that may be, eventually emerging diseases such as anemia, scurvy, hypoglycemia or hipoproteinemias and thus malnutrition.

If you thought that follow a macrobiotic diet was easy you were wrong, to reach the stage -3 to +7 practically should you go to live in the country and cultivate yourself your own cereal and fruit .
Today the fashion of the macrobiotic diet is closer to -3 to +1 diet, which somewhat resemble the ovolactovegetarianas or vegan. What is clear is that strict monitoring part of this type of diet can lead to deficiencies, and follow-up today is virtually impossible, it is rather a part of philosophy that emerged at the beginning of last century, which today vestiges or substitutes.

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