Walt Disney Baked Turkey Legs – Party Time


Walt Disney Baked Turkey  Legs  –  Party Time

I remember  going to Walt Disney world for the first time and  I kept seeing  a lot of people  walking around  with this large  chicken leg, it had to  an ostrich leg for it was too big, I really never seen anything like it. At this time I did like to cook and was just getting started in culinary School , so  to me that was a strange and  weird thing they were eating.
Well  I managed to track it down to these little  tiny booths and the lineup was crazy.  So in line I went, grabbed one and to my surprise they were really  nice,  juicy, smoky and   tender .  Never at that time would I guess it was a turkey for their meat is mostly  dry and bland, but it was out of this world.
I grabbed  my leg and walked down the pathway  and munched  on it like untamed animal for  I was enjoying it too much, I ‘am now ashamed to say that I had about two a day and  every time I return to the park, I would  go straight  to the booth  and  grab one.
I really hope that you will enjoy my recipe here, for I have to say it comes very close to the ones selling in the Disney Theme Park . I have returned to the Park about  eight  times, boy ! that’s a lot of turkey legs.

Try them  “Mickey”   would be proud…..:)  



3  Lg. Turkey legs

 Water to cover legs
1/4 Cup or less – Salt
3 Tbsp – Sugar
1 Tbsp. – Hp, Worcester sauce or Margie.
Alternative – Add liquid smoke

1 Tbsp – Olive oil per leg
1 Cube – Veggie, chicken stock

1/2 Cup rice
1/2 Tbsp. – Sugar
1 Tbsp. – Cooking oil

Bake on a rack with aluminum foil on the bottom of the pan with 2 Tbsp of the smoke mixture and add more  to it during the baking to create more smoke.

Bake at 400 degrees for about 20 mins., and turn them around about half way through. Then bake at 200 degrees for anywhere from 45 mins to 1 hour, turning them around at least once.  


Make sure that you mix the brine solution very well and have the  legs completely under the waterline. At this point you can add “liquid Smoke ” to it if you prefer and that will give you a stronger smoke taste.

This mixture of rice will burn off and give you a smoke taste to the legs, not as good as a smoker but the taste is not far behind. I know some add wood chips to the bottom of the pan to produce the smoke, and I’am sure it’s a good idea but I do not want any wood burning in my oven, I just do not trust the method.
So easy to eat and serve. Add a piece of foil to the bottom drum and off you go walking down the street with everyone looking at you and asking where did you get that from. The perfect portable food.


Well  I just could not wait for my Friends to come over for a get together. This turkey leg was just asking me for a bite and  “I could not resist”. Anyways   I did not show it on the video but I had another three in the fridge  ready to go.


Now how did this get here ? 


Walt Disney Baked Turkey  Legs  –  Party Time

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