Walnut and Parsley Bread


Do you want to see my newborn? Hush, hush, don’t wake him up… don’t you see he’s just born? See how cute and fine he is? See what a brown beautiful skin he has? Get your nose close to the screen and breath deeply… can you smell it? Can you feel that wonderful aroma of new life?

Do you want to know his name? Don’t you guess it? Yes… his name is: Walnut and Parsley Bread! My first baby-bread :D.


I’m sooooo excited!!! You cannot imagine how high I got when the baby bread came out so nicely :D. Want to know about it? Ok, 9 months ago… he, he, he… I’m joking ;D.


I’ve always ( and I mean always) bought my bread at the bakers shop. But lately, their bread has become chewy or hard or tasteless and I 1,05 Euros was too much to pay for it. So, I decided that a breadmachine would be a fantastic investment… and I was soooooo right ;D.


I followed a recipe from the book: 365 Recetas de PAN from Anne Sheasby and adapted it a bit. The book looks wonderful and there are 365 recipes for bread, pizza dough, muffins… bla. She’s got recipes for breadmaker and for oven.

I made the dough with the breadmaker and poured the ingredients in the order the breadmachine asked for (not the way it says the book). Once the dough was done I run the bake program. It took 2 hours and a half and the most delicious aroma invaded my kitchen!!!

Ingredients: 350 grs of white strong flour, 225 ml of mineral warm water, 1 1/2 table spoons of fresh minced parsley, 70 grs of slightly chopped walnuts, 25 grs of butter, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of dry yeast.

  1. Get all ingredients ready by the breadmaker: Chop the walnuts just a bit. Warm the mineral water up. Wash, dry and chop the parsley. Get the rest nearby too.
  2. Pour the flour in, the water, the parsley and walnuts, the butter, salt and the yeast. Push thek dough button and the start one. Iron some clothes meanwhile, if you like ;D.
  3. Once the dough program finishes, start the bake one. Read two chapters of your favourite book, if you like ;D.
  4. When it’s done, take it out of the machine and place over a metalic grid to let it cool down. And believe it or not… it’s done! Without any effort!!
I took half of the bread and gave it to my parents… you know how moms are… now half  Sagrada Familia’s neighbourhood has tasted the bread… and they loved it!!!

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