vol-au-vent al salmone affumicato, pastries with smoked salmon

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Does the word ‘vol-au-vent’ sound Italian to you? The answer in Italian and French is a least the same, no. What’s a few hours between crossing boarder lines and sharing pastries (don’t say this to the Italian’s or the French)!
I hosted a large party at my house recently and I had originally planned to prepare a different dish that involved salmon. However when I arrived at the local grocery store I discovered these to die for cute little fish shaped pastries. Naturally I had to have them, and a new appetizer was added to the menu.
Normally I like to use my hands and make my owns pastry, but these little beauties cried out “buy me, buy me”. So if like me, you decide to buy ready made pastry shells this recipe will take you no more than 10 minutes to assemble. 
Your guests will be completely bowled over by the cutesy presentation and sophisticated flavours (and we know this is important)!
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what you need:
24 vol-au-vent shells
250 grams Philadelphia cream cheese
250 grams mascarpone cheese
100 grams of capers
150 grams of smoked salmon
50 grams of caviar 
flat leaf parsley for garnish 
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How to make:
1: Mix together well the cream cheese and mascarpone. 
2: Rinse the capers under cold water to remove excess vinegar, add to the cream mixture. Add a pinch of salt
3: Use a piping bag (or cut the tip of a plastic bag), and pipe the filling into the pastry cases
4: Cut small pieces of salmon and roll and place on top, then place a small spoonful of caviar. Top with parsley 
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