Vino tinto crujiente (Crispy Red Wine)


750 ml of red wine (very dark)
200 g butter 
400 g sugar 
185 g flour

First boil the wine until 500 ml are evaporated, so you´ll have 250 ml remaining. Let cool a little bit. 

Work the butter until you get a cream texture. Finally you have to mix the butter, with wine, sugar and the sifted flour.

Spread the “dough / cream” on a  baking paper or silicone. Let it very thin and bake at 125 degrees for 20 minutes. Then let cool and slice to serve.

Serving tips_ Use it with icecreams (vanilla fits just great). Also with red meats or salads, you´ll get a fantastic flavour on your dish, as well as nice presentation.  

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