Vegetarian “meatballs” with cheese and onion sauce

albC3B3ndigasdeverduraconqueso platofinal3

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If you want to taste a different meatballs,  these meatless “meatballs” are perfect for you, they  are totally vegetarian and delicious to eat. 

The first time I did this recipe  I had my doubts especially about frying lettuce, but since I cooked it for my family I can’t stop making these “meatballs” occasionally.

Ingredientes (4 people)


– 1 medium onion, minced
AlbC3B3ndigasdeverduraconqueso ingredientes28129– 2 cloves of garlic, minced
– 1 medium carrot
– 4 or 5 lettuce leaves
– 200 g. oyster mushrooms
– 1 large tomato, grated.

– 100 g.  cheese
– Sal
– 100 g. bread crumbs
– 1 egg
– 200 ml of milk
– Breadcrumbs
– Chopped parsley

– 3 medium onions, minced
– 2 cloves of garlic, minced
– 2 tablespoons soy sauce

– 200 ml white wine
– Water
– Parsley
– Olive oil.
– Salt and pepper


Wash  well all fresh ingredients, except the oyster mushrooms, use a minimum amount of water with them and gently press between paper or cloth towels to remove excess liquid.
Mince  onion,  garlic and carrot.

AlbC3B3ndigasdeverduraconqueso ingredientes4

Chop finely the mushrooms and the lettuce

AlbC3B3ndigasdeverduraconqueso ingredientes5

Grate 1 tomato. I always use a grater over a bowl or plate and I put a kitchen towel under it to keep it from slipping.

AlbC3B3ndigasdeverduraconqueso ingredientes6

In a large skillet pour two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and saute the onion and the garlic. Later add the carrot.

albC3B3ndigasdeverduraconqueso proceso2

When onion is golden, add mushrooms and lettuce. Let it cook a few minutes and add the grated tomato. 

albC3B3ndigasdeverduraconqueso proceso4

Continue cooking until the water has evaporated. Remove from heat and let sit at room temperature  until cool.

albC3B3ndigasdeverduraconqueso proceso5

Soak the bread crumbs with the milk and mix in a bowl with the beaten egg, chopped parsley and the vegetables  (they should be cool).  
Add salt and pepper to taste, stir well to combine and put in the fridge half hour. If dough feels too wet, you can add breadcrumbs .
Later shape into small balls and fill  with cheese dices.

AlbC3B3ndigasdeverduraconqueso elaboraciC3B3nalbC3B3ndigas1

Roll the balls in bread crumbs  and fry.

While frying  you can prepare the sauce:

Mince three medium onions  and two cloves of garlic.
Saute in a saucepan.
Add a little chopped parsley, soy sauce and the white wine. Let the alcohol evaporate and cover with water.
Add salt and pepper and cook 15 minutes over medium heat.
Remove saucepan from heat and puree the sauce using a hand-held blender.
You can serve the vegetable balls over the sauce in a dish 

albC3B3ndigasdeverduraconqueso platofinal2

or let them simmer in the sauce for a while before.

albC3B3ndigasdeverduraconqueso platofinal6



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