Vasterbotten Cheese

It is believed that the secret behind the mature taste of the Vasterbotten cheese is unrequited love. According to the story, an attentive suitor distracted a skilled cheese maker quite a lot that she kept forgetting about the cauldron over the fire, in which she was making cheese. Because she was out of focus, the fire beneath the cauldron went out one time after another and poor cheese maker keep re-lighting it. Therefore, the cheese making process was lengthened and the cheese was cooked and stirred longer than usual.

Throwing away resources however useless was never an option in the cheese maker’s time. The “failed” cheese was not thrown away but was instead placed on a shelf and left to be forgotten. A few years later, someone braved and decided to taste the cheese. The moment the crust touched the man’s tongue, he immediately knew that he have in his hands the best tasting cheese in all of Sweden. It was just a matter of time that the news of a great tasting cheese spread all over town and from then on people acknowledged its superiority – no one had ever tasted a cheese as good as the Vasterbotten!

Strong, sweet smelling and sharp – the Vasterbotten cheese captured the heart of anyone who tried it. There is no certainty to this day whether the love story was true or not, but rumor has it that Eleonora actually knew very well what she was doing when the created the Vasterbotten cheese. Vasterbotten cheese holds a very special place in the history of all Swedish cheeses. It has received a number of recognitions and awards and has been praised by people from all around the world.

The Taste
Vasterbotten cheese is a strong tasting cheese, crispy and has a delicious golden surface. It is made near the Arctic Circle in West Bothnia, Sweden since 1872. The Vasterbotten cheese is known for its superior quality, which is why the Swedish call it “The Emperor of Cheeses”. Its amazing taste made it a true delicacy worth of the world’s attention.

The Vasterbotten has been a natural ingredient for almost Swedish recipes, especially during the holidays. An essential part of modern Swedish cuisine, the Vasterbotten is perfect for any kind of dish – be it for salads, risottos, dips, pies, pizzas, puffs, breads, pesto, soups, brittles, quesadillas… the list can go on and on!

The Vasterbotten will definitely add a special touch to your cooking. And as the holiday season afloat, a nice wheel of Vasterbotten will really come in handy in pleasing your guests as they indulge in the taste of fine food! Bon app?tit!

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