Troccoli Cacio e Pepe

Troccoli Cacio e Pepe

A masterpiece of Rome culinary tradition, Troccoli Cacio e Pepe are a unique dish, originally eaten by the rural population and now served in the finest Italian restaurants all over the world. The secret? Needless to say: keep it simple and gather the best ingredients you can find.

If finding troccoli turns into a big challenge, there’s a brilliant solution for my Brisbane friends. The Pasta Company in Kelvin Grove makes a very similar shape, that’s the ones I used for this recipe and you can see in the picture.

Troccoli Cacio e Pepe

Ingredients (serves about 4)

400 gr of fresh Troccoli
35 ml water (about one espresso cup)
400 gr Pecorino, grated
Black pepper to taste


1. Have the water boiling with a generous pinch of salt in it.
2. Put the grated Pecorino in the water and stir: you will obtain a creamy mixture which is your pasta dressing.
3. Once the pasta is cooked (make sure it’s al dente) put it in a large fry-pan on medium fire and add the creamy cheese and water mixture.
4. Stir the Troccoli and the sauce for a few minutes, until very hot, then turn the heat off and keep string for a minute.
5. Add black pepper and serve hot.

Troccoli Cacio e Pepe


This dish is very straight forward. For great results, make sure you use the best Pecorino available.

Match it with 

A nice red wine from Tuscany, still and light.

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