Treacle Toffee

To make this amazing treacle toffee, you will need Treacle. Molasses is fine

Lyle’s Black Treacle

you will need

2/3 of a Cup of Brown Sugar
8tbsp/4oz Butter
8tbsp Treacle
2 tbsp Water
1tsp White vinegar

  • Grease a round 9 inch cake tin
  • In a large pot, add Sugar, Butter, Treacle and Water
  • Heat through until all ingredients have blended together and the Butter has melted
  • Heat until bubbles appear then add the vinegar
  • Keep mixture on a bubbling, rolling boil for 10 minutes, the mixture should swell with large bubbles, if you are using a sugar thermometer, heat to 270F/140C (If you don’t have a sugar thermometer, take a small dot of mixture and place it on a plate, if it sets hard its ready)
  • When ready, pour hot mixture very carefully out into the greased tin, allow to cool
  • Pop the treacle toffee out onto a solid surface and hit lightly to break into bite sized pieces
IMG 7240
Treacle Toffee
Treacle Toffee also goes by the name of Bonfire Toffee and is eaten by kids in Britain on Bonfire Night in November, the rich, smooth flavour is just amazing

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