Tramezzino- Sandwich

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Yes people this is a recipe on how to make a sandwich. Not really the most complicated of recipes but it’s not really just an ordinary sandwich. In Italy the word for sandwich is tramezzino, a cute word in my opinion. In fact Italian’s are so in love with ‘tramezzini’ that there is bread that you can buy solely for this purpose, crust less, white and fluffy and ready to go.
The original tramezzino was first created in Torino to serve as an alternative to English high tea, however in Venice tramezzini can be found in abundance. In fact, recently whilst catching the train to Venice I overheard a group of proud Venetians talking to a tourist recommending that during their weekend stay they MUST try a tramezzino. I thought it quite comical overhearing the Italian’s trying to explain what a tramezzino was, essentially just a sandwich (common lingo to you and me). As if they are something unique and specific to Italy. However in saying that, like most Italian morsels they have conquered how to make a great sandwich. They can be bought generously filled with the most delicious ingredients.
I recently hosted a party and served ‘bellini’ and ‘tramezzini’ after being inspired by my trip to Venice. My friends from Viareggio were less than impressed that I had adopted a ‘new style’- however they were more than happy to eat and drink the ‘new style’ (in fact they have requested that I make them again for a party that I am hosting this Thursday).
These sandwiches are the perfect party food, and so easy to make!
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What you need:
One loaf of white fresh bread (crustless)
400g canned tuna (I always use Rio mare)
200g capers
350g whole egg mayonnaise (or make your own) or don’t bother!

How to make:
1: Rinse the capers to remove any excess salt or vinegar. Mix through with the mayonnaise
2: Remove all the crusts from the bread
3: Layer the bread with the tuna, place a piece of bread on top, then layer with the caper and mayonnaise mix and top with another piece of bread (yes, it’s a double decker)
4: Cut into small triangles, and serve

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