Toast with grilled vegetables

mangiare di corsa panino1

We have always understood the toast is the Italian sandwich made with two slices of ” toast ” stuffed with ham and cheese (slices of melted cheese, fontina or Swiss cheese ) , and heated in a toaster . The bread used is that cassette or white bread , bread that is a square , because baked into metal molds in the shape of a parallelepiped and then sold sliced ​​square


2 slices of bread ,
1 slice of fontina cheese,
1 tablespoon of olive oil,
1 slice of ham,
1 tablespoon of sesame,
1-2 tablespoons Appetizer harlequin Chickens Chickens in oil or Farcistoast


Toast for a few minutes 1 tablespoon of sesame seeds in a frying pan greased with oil .
Drain spoon Appetizer harlequin Chickens in a colander . Meanwhile, put the ham in the sandwich bread and toast in the toaster .
Once ready , remove the toast , open it and put ham on vegetables , shut the door and sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds . Follow me on Pinterest!

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