Tiramisú (Italian Dessert)

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It is summertime! I feel like baking and cooking but with temperatures it is very difficult.  So the best thing is just avoid the oven. It is time for going to the beach. My favourites here are Sant Martí d´Empúries or Tamarit, in Catalonia.

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Well, about the tiramisu…..I love love love it!. There are more professional recipes than this, but it is difficult to find one that tastes better than this. And the most important thing: this is soooo easy.
What we need for 4-6 people
250 gr Mascarpone cheese (please don´t use any other thing here, Tiramisu recipe is with Mascarpone)
small sponge cake / or 6 sponge fingers/ or 6 muffins (you can buy it or bake it) 
about 150 ml of proper strong espresso coffee – (if you use a Nespresso machine, for a tea cup size use 5 capsules at least).
2 tablespoons of sugar for the mix and 1 teaspoon of sugar for the coffee.
2 eggs
chocolate powder
Amaretto (the traditional recipe) or you can use Baileys too, it tastes great.
Let´s start!
First if you want to do the sponge cake or sponge fingers or muffins, start with it. In my case today as it is very warm here, I just bought it. I don´t want to use the oven today!
Depending on how you want to serve the tiramisu, it will be better a large cake or in my case, it does not matter as I will serve it in individual portions.
Second, start with making the strong coffee, so we will be able to use it when it will cool down.Then add 1 teaspoon of sugar and 2 teaspoons of amaretto or baileys.

Third, separate the whites from the yolks and whisk them hard until peaks. In another recipient mix the yolks with the mascarpone cheese and the sugar. Then we add the whites into this cream very slowly and we stir the cream slowly.

After that, we will use individual transparent recipients to serve it. I like it this way, but it is up to you. This way is very easy, you add a small portion of sponge cake to the bottom of it and press it till it is homogenous. Add some coffe mix (with sugar and liquor) till it is soak. Then you add the cream, creating a layer. Then add another piece of sponge cake, and then the coffee, and finally a generous layer of cream. 
Do it with all the recipients at the same time, so you will realize the amount of cream and coffee that is left.
At the top of it, add the chocolate powder. 
Put in the fridge for at least 8 hours. If you want to it for lunch, do it the night before.
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Enjoy! Bon Profit!

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