Tips For Cooking Pasta, Cereals, Baked Goods

  • Flour and dough . Fragrant fried pies are obtained if the dough except oil and add the melted butter fat.
  • Dough will not stick to hands if they are lubricated with oil.
  • Before kneading the dough, sift the flour: it enriches it with oxygen, and loosened. Dough will elaborate.
  • Kneading the dough, do not pour out the flour into the liquid, and on the contrary, the liquid gradually pour in a thin stream into the flour and mix.
  • Thin dough is difficult to pass on to a sheet. Sprinkle flour on the rolling pin and screw expand on baking – the dough breaks.
  • Soft, sticky dough tegko roll and covered it with parchment paper. You can roll and a bottle filled with cold water.
  • In nedosolenoe dough pour salt dissolved in a little water or milk, and a good Move.
  • If too much fat, cakes are obtained vague, with a dense crumb.
  • Do not grease the edge of the egg puff pastry – when baking initiatives and harden the dough will not rise.
  • To cake turned bright yellow yolk with schipotkoy salt rub in the evening and leave overnight in a cool place.
  • Do not put the cake in the oven hot, otherwise it will be hard on the outside, but inside – raw. Pre-warm the oven, but do not become hot, bake a cake on a low heat. Ready cake without removing from the mold, place the wet, cold towel, and he easily goes out of shape. The cold cake can not stand – it can settle.
  • Do not slam the oven door – pie can settle.
  • Pasta and spaghetti. Always use a large pot with at least 2.25 liters of water for every 225 grams of pasta, which added 1 tablespoon of salt. I recommend this to the amount of dry pasta (spaghetti or macaroni any other form) into two portions, a main dish (with sauce), and 4 drinks (110-175 g) as an appetizer. Before you drop the pasta, make sure that the water is boiling. Add the pasta as soon as possible, stir once to separate the noodles. If you are cooking long pasta, such as spaghetti, gently press on them, in water, they become soft and calm down in the pan. Place them around the perimeter of the pan.
  • No need to cover the pan with a lid: the water boils again quickly, and if the pot lid Coverings such as blankets, all spilled on the stove. Set a timer – quality pasta cook for 10-12 minutes, but the cooking time depends on the type and quality of the pasta. Therefore, the only sure way to check whether the pasta – try them. Do it in 8 minutes, then 9, 10, and so on. This should be done only when you cook pasta for the first time this company. Then you’ll know how long it takes. Sometimes you need to cook the pasta for a minute less, but hold on the fire for a moment longer with the sauce.
  • Prepare a colander and when you start to drain pasta colander, rinse first with boiling water – it will warm it and prepare to hot pasta. Do not drain too well – a few drops of liquid should remain to the pasta is not dry. Place the colander with the pasta in a pan, so that it ran down all the liquid.
  • Always serve pasta on warmed plates, so they were hot as possible when you apply them to the table. Spaghetti is best served with special tongs and always lift them high enough to separate one from the other portion.
  • If pasta will be more prepared (eg casserole with cheese sauce), boiled half the normal time.
  • Cereals and cereal. crumbly buckwheat not interfere.
  • Boiled rice is white if the water add a little vinegar.
  • A knob of butter, put into cereals during cooking, porridge gives a delicate flavor.
  • For puddings using crisp or viscous mush.
  • Burgers, burgers and casseroles made from viscous cereal, adding raw eggs in them.

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