The importance of Gluten to make the best fresh egg pasta

  Gluten – its importance to make the best fresh egg pasta

  The importance of the Gluten (in Italian “glutine”) for fresh egg pasta.

Gluten is a composite of 2 insoluble proteins, gliadin and glutenin. Glutenin, one of the largest of proteins, provides elasticity and structure. It develops a stable 3-dimensional network connecting protein molecules during the kneading process (and in particular it is so important for fresh egg pasta, but also for pizza dough).

Gliadin, a plant protein, is extensible and viscous, allowing the dough (or fresh pasta dough) to be rolled out and providing firmness and bite to the fresh pasta dough.

Fresh egg pasta rolled with a rolling pin by Mama Isa
Fresh Egg pasta dough rolled by hand with a long rolling pin (Photo courtesy by the chef Mama Isa)

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