“Super-bite” S’Mores Bites

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The S’more, a classic campfire favorite of everyone. The ooey gooey melted chocolate sandwiched next to a toasty marshmallow, so very tasty. Sadly s’mores tend to need to be eaten as you make them and do not store well, although I have never tried?

Anyway, I created this recipe when I was chocolate dipping marshmallows. I asked why not put a crust on the bottom and get a lovely s’more out of your one bite treat?

Full time: 3 hours (includes 1 1/2 hardening time)
Makes 60-70 bites

You will need:

18 graham crackers (roughly 2 sleeves), get the non-cinnamon/sugar coated ones
2 bags marshmallows
4 cup chocolate chips
1 cup butter, melted
4 tbsp vegetable shortening

Candy sprinkles

Let us begin:

Place graham crackers in a large zip top bag.

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Mash bag with rolling pin or other hard flat intensil. This will make graham cracker crumbs.

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In a large bowl place the melted butter and add in graham cracker crumbs.

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Stir using a fork until a crumbly dough is formed.

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Line a sided cookie sheet with parchment or wax paper.

Pour graham cracker dough onto cookie sheet.

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Press down firmly to form a solid firm layer.

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I like to place a piece of wax paper over the top and roll it with a rolling pin.

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Place in refrigerator for 30 minutes.

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Using a small round cookie cutter, the same size as marshmallow. Cut out dough.

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If you keep it really tight you can get 70 cuts from one sheet, bare in mind some may crumble.

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Pile them up and set aside.

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In a small bowl combine 1 cup chocolate chips with 1 tbsp shortening.

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Microwave this in 30 second increments, stirring vigorously after each. You will probably need to do this 2 or 3 times.

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You should end up with a smooth chocolate dip.

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Dip just the bottom of a marshmallow into the chocolate.

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Stick on a piece of graham cracker and place back on baking tray.

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When all marshmallows are done, return to refrigerator for 30 minutes.

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Repeat chocolate melting process with the remaining 3 cups chips and 3 tbsp shortening. It will take 3-4 times to get it smooth in the microwave.

Dunk marshmallow, graham cracker side first, half way in the chocolate.

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Place on baking sheet.

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Sprinkle over with candy sprinkles. I recommend dipping 6 and sprinkling them at a time. Your chocolate will not be to cold to stick to sprinkles and it saves time.

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You may need to occasional stir chocolate if it seams to be getting hard, or microwave for 10 seconds.

Once all marshmallows are dipped and sprinkled, return to refrigerator for 30 minutes or until chocolate it fully hardened.

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Move to serving plate and enjoy!

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