Spicy Leek and Ground Meat Soup

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I love trying new soups, and this one is from my Ievas Virtuve magazine. I have translated it into English. My husband really liked it and gave it 4.5 stars out of 5. I enjoyed it too.

700 g. leeks ( I used onions for part of this- as I didn’t have enough leeks at home.
1 small chili pepper ( I used canned ones)
1/2 kg. ground meat ( I used beef)
salt and pepper
1 T. flour
100 g. cream
1 liter of vegetable bouillon
200 g. soft cheese ( we have a cheese here intended for spreading on bread. )

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  • Cook meat in oil until done. 
  • Chop leeks and chili pepper, add to meat. Cook until leeks are done. 
  • Add spices and flour, cook a bit. 
  • Add bouillon and cream. 
  • Cook apx. 15 min. 
  • Add apx. 100 g. of soft cheese, stir well. 
  • Serve garnished with drop of the remaining soft cheese in each bowl.

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