Spanish anise doughnuts

Rosquillas are Spanish deep fried doughnuts with fluffy texture, traditionally prepared during the Carnival and Holy Week period. There are many types of rosquillas and many ways of preparing them. The most common ones are rosquillas de anís aromatised with anise liquor and rosquillas de vino to which, apart from anise, sweet muscat wine (moscatel) is added. Normally rosquillas are deep fried but some recipes show the healthier manner to prepare them in an oven, this one is not the case, I’m afraid:).

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Ingredients (for about 12 rosquillas):

100 g sugar
40 ml sunflower oil
40 ml anise liquor (used anís del mono)
1 egg
250 g flour
8 g baking powder
zest of 1/2 lemon
oil for frying
sugar and cinnamon for serving, optionally


Whisk the egg with sugar. Add lemon zest, liquor and sunflower oil. Mix until well blended. Add the baking powder to the flour, mix well, sieved and gradually combine into the mixture.

When the dough begins to stiffen work it with your hands, kneading until all ingredients are well integrated. Form balls in the size of walnut (rub a little oil on your hands if the dough is to sticky. I don’t advise adding more flour because it could make rosquillas too tough). Using your finger, make a hole in the centre of every ball and form rosquillas spinning the finger around it axis.

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Fry in plenty of oil till golden brown. Let them sit on a paper towel to remove excess of fat. Optionally cover with sugar or sugar mixed with cinnamon.

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Enjoy !!!

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