Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Legend has it that Caronara sauce was invented during WWII, when food supplies were limited and people had to get creative to enjoy a nice meal. So here it is: Pasta alla Carbonara: the original recipe!
To have a gourmet version of this poor dish you’ll need tasty and tender pork cheek, black pepper to ground, and farm fresh eggs.

Because it’s so quick to cook, I often make it when I’m out of ideas or I feel a little lazy 😉
One big recommendation for this dish: the trick is being fast. If it sits around for too long, it will go sticky and gluey. Move fast when making it and serve it straight away!

Ingredients (to serve about 4)
– 350 gr Spaghetti
– 150 gr pork cheek or bacon, cubed
– 3 eggs
– Pecorino cheese to taste
– Black Pepper to taste



1. Start boiling the water for the pasta in a big sauce pan.


2. while the water’s boiling, cook the meat: in a hot fry-pan sauté the pork chopped in small cubes (don’t use any oil or butter) until it goes crispy and the fat looks transparent. Put aside when ready.


3. while the meat is cooking, beat the eggs with the grated Pecorino and the pepper and when it’s all well mixed, add the pork to it. Use a bowl big enough to contain all of the Spaghetti.

cook spaghetti

4. your water should be boiling by now, so cook the spaghetti: pay attention not to overcook it. As a general rule, check the cooking time recommended on the packet and stick to it.

1 spaghetti alla carbonara

5. when the pasta is cooked, drain it well and quickly transfer it into the bowl with eggs, pork, pepper and cheese. Mix the pasta with the egg sauce, if you like add some more cheese and pepper and serve immediately.

Match it with 
Beer isn’t bad with this casual dish!

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