Slow fire smoked Italian Pork recipe

-The following is the exclusive recipe for a slow fire smoked Italian pork.
It is the basis for our Italian roast pork sandwich which is served on our homemade Italian football roll and finished with melted extra sharp Auricchio Provolone cheese, and an herb white wine sauce. Its one of our most popular and delicious items.

-Here is the roast pork recipe:
We begin with a bone in shoulder or whole pig (bone in), depending on the day and what we project will be sales, we always sell out! This is a recipe assuming a 20 pound shoulder; 24 hour prior to serving we make a mixture of 2 cups extra virgin olive oil, 1 handful of fresh sage, and rosemary, a pinch of thyme, 2 cloves of garlic, 1/4 pound of pancetta, and salt and pepper to taste. we combine this in a food processor for a few seconds. This mixture id poured over the meat and massaged in to all areas. It is then covered and refrigerated for about 12 hours.
the next night at 9 pm we light our roasted using medium seasoned cedar, we want some smoke and moisture, then after about 3 hours we close the dampers and get the temp down to around 220 degrees. -At Midnight place pork in a large pan and cover then place in the smoker, close and monitor to assure temp remains at 220 overnight. Pork will be ready right around 11:30 am the next day. You will know it is done when you touch it with a fork and the meat just falls off. Tender, Juicy delicious and actually ready to eat just like that!

We serve these at our place Thursday through Sat. get in early as we always sell out!
* If you do not have a smoker set your over to 220, and cook overnight, make sure it is covered other wise the meat will dry out!

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