Salmon Pasta In A Creamy Sauce.

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Salmon  Pasta In A Creamy Sauce
This recipe is out of this world, so creamy and taste, the cream cheese just gives it that smoothness and richness to eat.  Make a lot for your Family or love ones will ask for seconds.  
It is also a big hit with your guests for a home dinner or a party, it is always a great success. The only problem that I see with this recipe is that I always have to have some more at hand for it does go very quickly and I really do not want to run out. 

Please let me know how yours turned out and if you added anything more to it. 


1 to 2 Lbs. –  Salmon

1 Med. – Onion
1/2  Cup – Frozen peas.
3 to 5 Oz. –  Plain cream cheese
3 to 5 Oz. –  Sour cream or light cream
2 Tbsp. – Cooking oil
1 Tbsp. – Flour
1/2   – Lemon
1 – Bay leaf
1/2 Tsp. – Veggie stock 
3 to 5 – Whole allspice
1/2  Cup –  Parsley

For further information, please see the video below; 



With is recipe, you really can use can, frozen or fresh salmon. Here I am using some fresh fish that I found on special at my local supermarket. 
Sometimes, you can also find some salmon end pieces that are not desirable for frying or baking, but would be perfect for this recipe. After all, you would get more bang for your buck with this savings. 

This is where the secret taste comes from. The slow boil with the fish and all the spices come together into a delightful taste when it is blended with the pasta. 

Make sure at this point that there is no bones in the fish. Here I discard the fish skins, but some like to leave them. It is really up to you.
Remember for this recipe you do not need a premium salmon cut for this to be awesome, you can go for the end pieces that would be at a very affordable price.  It would not make any different towards the presentation or taste. 

This is where the flavor is, so please do not toss this liquid out. If you find that there is some loose particles leftover from the simmering, then just strain it to remove them. 
Just cook it long enough for the ingredients to blend together and the sauce becomes thicker. Remember that the salmon is already pre-cooked at this stage and we do not want to overcook the fish. 
If you find that the sauce became too thick, then just add a little milk at a time until it becomes the way you want it. 


Salmon  Pasta In A Creamy Sauce
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