Roti Roti – Awesome


Roti Roti – Awesome

Now what could be better than a nice piece of  roti bread to go with your Indian dish’s or really any other one.  I like this  bread so much that sometimes I have it with just  jam or try adding some cheese to the top and put it under a grill  for about 30 seconds.
I ‘am sure that you will find this recipe so easy that you will be making it again and again.  Try it you will love the simplicity and  the simple taste that goes with everything.

Let me know how it turned out.  



1 Cup – All purpose flour
1/2 Cup – Water, as needed
1 Tsp. – Cooking oil
1/3 to 1/2 Tbsp. – Salt

Makes two servings of Roti.



Roti has to be one of the simplest bread recipes I know, just a few things from your Kitchen and your off.  Make extra for you will need it for it disappears fast.


In India and other places they use there hands to mix the  dough. Now I really believe that does a better job of mixing and I have to confess that I do use the method, but because of touching  my camera and   taking some scenes over again it  would cause problems with sticky dough on my hands. 
Don’t  sweet, for you do not have to over work the dough, if fact too much kneading will give it a tougher texture. Just get  it to a point that it will not stick to your fingers nor your roller. 
First roll it into a ball and  press it with your fingers into a round flat disk. By using a roller or even a bottle will work-out just fine, also do not worry of it does not turn out perfectly round, it’s all good.


Get a heavy fry pan and make sure the heat is up high, but keep an eye on it for it can burn really fast. In Indian they have a special  flat pan (called Tawa) the makes the perfect roti every time, but when you do not have then we use the next best thing.


I like to roll it around a open flame on a gas stove, but if yours is electric then it work also work. Now you will have to keep the heat setting down lower and move it around more because of the hot rings. Either way it will turn out great and everyone will love them.


Roti Roti – Awesome

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