Rosquillas de Anís: the traditional Spanish doughnuts

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I Always start the recipes saying that they are very traditional and classic. This time is especially true. If I should point out the most typical Spanish sweet, this would be a good candidate. These have been always sold in the traditional bakeries, although the grandmas could also prepare themselves. Perfect for breakfast or afternoon snack. You can store them in a can for a week (if you manage not to eat them before). There are many variants. The one I present is the classic anise rosquillas. Using the traditional anise liquor you can achieve the traditional scent. If you don’t have anise liquor or you don’t want to use alcohol, it is perfectly fine without it as well. You can also skip the addition of sugar at the end. Enjoy!

Ingredients for 20-25 units:
-1 egg
-50 gr sugar
-40 ml milk
-40 ml vegetable oil (plus oil for frying)
-25 ml anise liquor
-lemon zest
-200 gr wheat flour
-1/2 tsp baking powder
1- Mix the egg with sugar, milk, oil, anise liquor and lemon zest. Add the flour and baking powder and mix until combined. 
2- Heat the oil at medium-high heat. In the meantime put some oil in your hands and form small balls with the dough. Just before frying them, practice a whole in the center of the balls and put in the oil. 
3- Fry until getting a deep golden brown color. Strain and put on some kitchen paper to avoid the excess oil. Add eventually some cast sugar on top. Once they are cool, keep them in a can or a plastic bag.

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