Roasted Pork, with Creamy Buttercup Hash

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MMMM juicy, moist pork loin. yumm.
most people say goat cheese isnt paleo, and it probably isnt. but i love sharp,creamy, goat cheese. so i used it, you can easily leave it out or use just coconut oil. Also i used my rotisserie for the sake of time but it will work just fine in the oven.

For the Pork you will need:
one pork loin
1/2 goat cheese
1 cup of spinach
2 cloves of garlic
salt and pepper

you can stuff your loin one of two ways, you can butterfly it open and roll it back up, or you can with a very sharp knife make a hole all the way through the middle and stuff it that way. 
you’ll want to do that first, i butterflied it because i was putting it in the rotisserie and didnt think it would stay on the prongs the other way.

ok so loin is cut. salt and pepper it. Check.

Now put your garlic, spinach, goat cheese in the blender and pulse it a few times until its a nice paste.

now you will want to stuff your loin
DSC 1078
 a nice even coat of your cheese mixture, then just roll it up and tie it closed with some twine

DSC 1079
 i tossed it in the rottisserie for 45 minutes, in the oven 350 for an hour

im slacking on the pictures, i know… but at least i dont forget them all together 🙂

for the hash you will need:
one BUTTERCUP squash
one apple
1/2 an onion
olive oil
salt and pepper

Peel and cube your squash, dice your apple and onion.
in a well oiled skillet add all your ingredients and sautee until squash is tender, the squash will start to cook down and make it a creamy delicious mess. ha  
DSC 1084
and thats it, slice your loin and enjoy!

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