Roasted Garlic, and White Chili

I very rarely cook alone.  My trusty sidekicks are usually nearby.
1 032
Clyde is usually to my left.

2 033
And Gus is usually directly behind me.
1 035
Gus is usually sitting at attention.  Clyde is usually lying down.

If they could speak, I imagine they would say something like this:

I am READY.  I've got this COVERED.  You drop something, I am ON IT.  Don't worry, I may even catch it before it hits the floor, before you even know you've dropped it.
Dude!  Chillax!  

It's a different story when he's out playing in the yard.  Clyde always
 comes to life when there's room to run around.  Yee-haw!


maybe not.  He's not one to pass up an opportunity to relax and chill.
Today's recipe, White Chili, requires a bit of prep work in advance.  I went through my blog archive, and I can't believe I've made it this far into blogging without posting a recipe that uses roasted garlic!  Since you will need roasted garlic for this chili, I'll also give you those simple instructions so you can roast your garlic ahead of time.  

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