Quinoa bites with Alioli (Bocados de Quinoa con Alioli)


2 cups _12 oz _ 340 g cooked quinoa
4 large eggs
1/3 cup_5 oz  _15 g fresh chives
1 white onion
1/3 cup _ 5 oz _ 15 g grated Manchego cheese 
3 cloves garlic
1/2 cup _ 1.75 oz  _ 50 g white bread crumbs
1/2 cup _ 1.75 oz  _ 50 g grated roasted almonds
olive oil 

Mix in a bowl the boiled quinoa, eggs, and salt to taste, stir until getting an homogeneus dough.

Chop the chives, onion, and garlic and add it to the mixture. Keep stirring and add the grated Manchego cheese and the grated roasted almonds. Then add the bread crumbs and stir. Set aside for a few minutes so the crumbs can take some of the juices.

(at this point you can add some more breadcrumbs is the mixture is too moisturized, or some water it is too dry. Just to taste) 


In a small size serving ring, place 1 tablespoon of the quinoa mixture. Let´s make 12.

Medium- low heat the olive oil in a fry pan (1 – 2 fingers high, it depends on the pan size) Cook the quinoa bites on both sizes until they are brown. Cool on a wire rack while you cook the remaining bites. 

Tips_ Quinoa mixture can be keeped in the refrigerator for a few days, cook it as you need. 

Tips_ It taste great with some alioli on top. Alioli Recipe

Tips_How to cook Quinoa

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