Quick Lentil Soup (Pink Lentils or Red Lentils)

This is what happens when you send your husband (without a list),  to the grocery.  He comes home with the most interesting  things.  He had read about these pink lentils and wanted to give them a try.    These lentils are skinless.  They require a quick rinse and into the pan they go.  The best part, they cook up fast.  High in Protein, it’s the perfect substitute,  when you are craving a meatless dish.   I had used them in the previous weeks just like this. I had a little over a cup remaining in the pantry and with all this broth to use up, why not?
Recipe:  3 tablespoons Olive oil
One 5 quart (deep) pot (to accommodate the lentil soup)
1teaspoons salt
1/2 cup of white wine
5 large cloves of garlic ( cut in half pieces large enough to remove them later).
About 4  cups of broth to cover your lentils while cooking
Method:  Heat your olive oil to medium.  Add your garlic and toss them in your pan to coat. Cook until fragrant.  Quickly add your Lentils as soon as you begin to smell your garlic.  You can either discard your garlic here, before you add your lentils or leave them in the pan and discard later.  I like to leave them throughout the cooking process as it continually adds fabulous flavor to the lentils. 
Add your salt.
Add your wine and let evaporate.  Let it be almost dry before adding your broth.
Add your broth to cover by several inches.  Simmer and cook for 20 minutes or so.  Your liquid will be reduced by half and your lentils will plump up.  You will notice a color change too.  These lentils are actually yellowish when cooked. 
Serve with pieces of toasted Baguette slices that have been smothered in garlic right from your cooking liquid.
Thyme and parsley are wonderful herbs to add in this dish.
Keep Simmering away until you can see your Lentils. 
Remove your Garlic pieces before serving.  Ladle into Bowls and Serve.  Buon Appetito!

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