Pumpkin Puree with Quail fried Egg


Yes, I’m going back to the Winter dishes. March is usually like this in Barcelona: one day looks like Spring and next day, temperatures go down and we have to get our thick coats on again.

My parents are coming home tomorrow for the day and I made this one specially for my dad. He loves pumpkins and my mom never prepares him a dish like this because pumpkins are not among her favourites and because she is the cook… need more leads? Hahahaha. Same thing here at home, I don’t like cheese… how many recipes with cheese involved can you find? Sorry about that ;D, but the one who’s in charge of the cooking is the one who decides the dishes… just like that.

My dad is lucky though because I do like pumpkins too! And this is such an easy and delicious recipe. Give it a try with or without the quail’s egg and enjoy the velvety texture.

This is the pumpkin I used. But for the recipe you only need half of it. Do you know that pumpkins, carrots, apricots, mangoes, sweet potatoes and french melons are rich in alpha and beta-carotene?. They will enhance your tan. Now that clothes will show more of your body you might be interested in having a nice tan ;D.

Ingredients for 4 servings: half a pumpkin, 2 green onions, 1 zucchini, some water, 1/4 of a concentrated chicken stock cube, some salt and a dash of extra virgin olive oil. 4 quail’s eggs.

  • Cut all veggies in dices leaving the skins off.
  • Place a pot over the heat with a bit of olive oil and pour the vegetables inside. when they start to get a bit soft, add the 1/4 of chicken stock cube and water enough to cover them.
  • Let them cook in a soft simmer until they are soft.
  • Use the blender to get a puree and add some salt and extra virgin olive oil to fit your taste.
  • In a small frying pan add a bit of olive oil and fry the eggs.
  • Place them over the puree.
  • Enjoy!

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