Potato Salad | Potato Salad Recipe

potato salad recipeIf you are looking for recipes that do not contain mayonnaise, there are many recipes to choose from as well. For example, you can create a potato salad is Greek-style feta cheese and a tasty dressing that contains no mayonnaise.

If you are looking for a recipe tasty potato salad and tasty, check out these great salad recipes:

1. Recipe Greek-style salad with potatoes, feta cheese, onions and herbs.

Check out this dish taste great and look great! With red potatoes and red onions, and looks very well and tastes great. The combination of feta cheese, red onions salad makes this great sight, and also makes very tasty salad! Furthermore, by adding herbs such as parsley and dill, which add color green, which will make this dish even more tasty and colorful, even more.

Combine potatoes and onions. Make salad dressing and combine with potatoes and onions. Mix and add the dill, parsley and feta cheese and mix. The salty feta cheese combined with potatoes, onions, dill, parsley and dressing made of vinegar and olive oil makes a very tasty and delicious dish!

2. Potato salad with blue cheese.

Here is another easy to make a salad without mayonnaise. If you are looking for a recipe for potato salad without mayonnaise, you should check out this recipe for great taste as well. For this salad needed red potatoes, onions, blue cheese, dill and parsley. You also have to make a salad dressing.

Here is how to make this great tasting and colorful salad with blue cheese. Cook and cool red potatoes. Chop onions, dill and parsley. Crumble blue cheese.

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