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After receiving a few comments about Portuguese Menu, I decided to write this post to explain to my readers the basis of this blog.
Portuguese Menu is a blog written by me: Mizé, a Portuguese living in Portugal who likes food and enjoys cooking. I´m not a professional, I´m just a mom who works full time in health but enjoys blogging. I have a few blogs about different topics, most of them personal blogs.
I decided to start Portuguese Menu to share some of the recipes I cook at home. I share my recipes and, many times, the cooking steps as well.
When I started this blog I was a student working part-time. Since April 2009, I´ve been working full time in the local hospital and since then my free time to blog was drastically reduced. Nowadays, I don´t update Portuguese Menu as much as I´d like to but each time I cook a recipe I haven´t posted here before, I take pictures of it to write a new post when I have the chance.
I decided to start a food blog in English about Portuguese food because this way I have a bigger audience and I´m able to share with the world some of my country´s food traditions. Once English isn´t my mother tongue, I sometimes have difficulties writing recipes, specially translating ingredients names and cooking procedures. I do my best to provide clear instructions and whenever I can I post pictures along with ingredients used in those recipes.
Portuguese measure system is Kilos and grams. Some of Portuguese Menu visitors are used to other metric systems but fortunately there are many weight converters available online.
Some visitors ask me questions and I try to answer all of them whenever possible. Although I´ve been having some difficulties managing all my blogs due to lack of time, I hope I can continue providing content for Portuguese Menu.

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