Pollo Asado en Cazuela (Chicken Roasted in Pan)

Pollo Asado en Cazuela literally translates to “Chicken Roasted in Pan” I don’t understand why this name was given to this dish since the meat is actually braised rather than roasted, but oh well that’s what it’s known as and or called.

This recipe is the common Cuban version of the dish, which is simply marinading Chicken in a mojo, browning it, de-glazing with wine, and simmering it with onions. Simple.

I also saw this recipe on line and am not sure who’s the source since it’s all over the net and all sorts of sites. One of them cited as being from “Andy Natal from Torrance, California” so maybe she’s the source of all those online recipes of it, or all CUban make it the same, idk.

-1 whole chicken (cleaned, cut into segments)
-3-6 cloves garlic (3 if you want it real mild for you know… the “American pallet”…)
-1/2 cup sour orange or lemon or lime (your preference)
salt to taste
lard or oil
-1 large onion thickly julienned
-1/2 cup white wine
-1 bay leaf

(1) Marinade chicken with salt, garlic, and sour orange juice. Let marinade 1 hour to over night if you have time.
100 5826(2) Afterwards, heat lard or oil on really high heat, and brown chicken all over, set aside.
100 5827100 5828100 5831(3) Sautee onions, de-glaze with white wine.
100 5829100 5832100 5833(4) Throw chicken and bay leaf and simmer 25- 35 minutes.
100 5834(3) It’s done simple. Serve with white rice and a salad.
100 5836100 5837Please Note:
*If you want to you don’t have to marinade the chicken just season it, and straight into the pan to brown and continue the recipe, of course it won’t be as good.

*Also you can do this with the whole chicken without cutting it, just brown the whole chicken all over nad throw wine and cover to simmer for a while. but I don’t like it like that.

*Some people like to add potatoes. In that case I highly recommend adding 1 cup water. Or instead fry some potatoes to serve on the side.

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