Plazma cake

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Plazma cake is named after a type of biscuit which has been a product of Bambi – Banat since 1981. The main ingredients are plazma biscuits. The preparation is very simple and it doesn’t need to be baked. It is good for kids’ birthdays and is flexible when it comes to ingredients. Chopped chocolate, jelly sweets, ratluk, bananas, cherries, and other are often added to the cake. 

The recipe consists of plazma biscuits, eggs, sugar, butter, walnuts, hazelnuts, jelly sweets, vinegar, whipped cream and orange juice. All the ingredients must be mixed together. In the end, the cake is topped with whipped cream or chocolate topping.

This is the simplest recipe for plazma cake because it consists of only the most important ingredients for the cake to be prepared.

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