Pinchitos, Montaditos… all kind of Tapas!


Is there a dish, a meal, a special bite that cheers you up? Nope? Then ask for these outloud with me: Un pinchito de langostinos, por favor! That’s all you have to say when entering a Tapas bar here in Spain. The world will no longer be in black and white… We have all colours set for you!


In some bars, there’s no need to ask for the bill, they will simply count the toothpicks you’ve got beside your chato de vino (small glass of wine) and you will be ready to step into the next bar after paying for those… maybe you get the wine for free and only pay for the pinchos!


Camarero, una tapita de huevo y salmón! Next bar is so crowded and people is shouting and laughing… spring is in the air and the atmosphere is heating up. The music is loud but the waitress comes with your egg and salmon tapa and another glass of wine. Life is getting near to Perfection.


Your friends want to take you to a new bar they just discovered near the beach… the air is warm, it feels great to walk; it’s a starry night…


We reached Perfection! This bacon wrapped shrimp takes us to heaven!!! What you see is what you get! You can clone this perfect night at home with your hubby, or friends, or family, or dog, or, why not? Just for yourself!


Ingredients for these pinchos/tapas: some smoked salmon, 3 or 4 boiled eggs, some boiled and salted prawns (I bought mine frozen this time), some fresh or frozen shrimps, some capers, some stuffed olives, some smoked bacon slices, toast some bread slices, olive oil, salt and allioli. Get allioli recipe here.

  • First of all toast some bread slices and reserve.
  • Prepare your allioli and reserve.
  • To get the bacon wrapped shrimp one: spread some allioli on the toasted bread, cook the shrimp over a bit of olive oil (just 30 seconds per side), wrap it with the bacon, fix with a toothpick and cook in the same pan until bacon gets brown. Fix on the bread.
  • To get the prawn and egg one: Boil the eggs, peel and reserve. Defroze your prawns. Spread allioli over the toasted bread. Place half an egg over, the peeled prawn, the olive and fasten with a toothpick.
  • To get the salmon and egg one: Place some salmon over the bread toast and place half an egg. Mix some grated egg with some cut prawns and capers. Place the mix over the egg. Pour a bit of extra virgin olive oil on top and some salt.

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