Pimienton Agridulce (Bittersweet Paprika)

So on my birthday (April 29) I recieved a wonderful gift of 3 types of Spanish paprika (hot, sweet, and smoked) as well as a little bottle of good quality saffron from La Tienda.

I know how to work with the hot smoked paprika and the sweet smoked paprika…

BUT I have no idea how to work with the bittersweet paprika (Pimienton Agridulce), does anybody have any trusted recipes that make use of “Pimienton Agridulce” or any specific things it goes really well with, or any type of marinade that’s great with it or something?

I would really appreciate, you can comment me the information or input or if you wish email me at:

[email protected]

I tried googling not much comes up for it.

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