Orange Carpaccio in a Salad. And Friends will be Friends!

orange+carpaccio1I got this recipe from Caterina, an old friend of mine that I still keep since we were 6 years old. Not that we see each other very often, not that we have much in common; she is the kind of friend that you see after a year or two and you feel comfortable to talk with, you feel understood and you feel that you are somehow connected for life! GrĂ cies Caterina!
orange+carpaccio2Talking about old friends takes me back to my old school, which I’m so proud of. I already showed you some pictures and stories of the School and today I want to show you some of the walls inside. It was such an inspiring environment :D.
escola1See? Culture was everywhere… Musicians on the walls, Fairy tales characters in the School Library, Odyssey’s scenes watching us walk through the corridors, hunting scenes paintings on the dinning room walls… aaahhhhh… how I loved my School!
escola3The school’s pictures are courtesy of Montse, another old friend of mine with a wonderful contagious laughter. Gracias Montse :D.
escola2 Believe it or not, this is a Public school, not Private!!!! I was lucky enough to spend there 8 years of my childhood. For those of you interested,

And the recipe is so easy: Just cut some oranges the thinnest possible, sprinkle with some sweet garlic, some desalted fresh cod strips, some chopped black olives and dress with maldon salt and extra virgin olive oil. There you are! A fresh and delicious salad!

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