Orange Blossom Water

Gustave Caillebotte “The Orange Trees” 1878

Strange thing about addictions is that you usually don’t
realize until you’re hooked until it’s too late!

 If you’ve ever driven through
the Mediterranean countryside in March or April, with your windows down, a
thick – musky, citrus aroma might start to overwhelm your senses.  

The scent is so seductive that it will make
you follow… no matter where it leads.   After a mile or two
of driving, you will pass an orange orchard.

 In many areas of the
Mediterranean,  that very scent gets preserved for
year round use in a lovely ingredient called Orange Blossom Water. The
distilled essential oils from the orange blossoms themselves get transformed
into a heady, intoxicating liquid that enhances everything with just a single
drop. Orange Blossom Water is one of my favorite ingredients. I get my fix by
using it in everything from the Neopolitan Pastiera  to Provencal Clafoutis, to baklava syrup and
even salad dressing.


Orange Blossom Water is even great to use around the house,

like using it to iron clothes, freshen a room, and even as a light cologne. I
even mix it with dried orange peel to make a facial masque! Are you a fan, too? I’d love to hear your recipes/ideas…..

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