Old Fashion Hamburger – Awesome


Old Fashion Hamburger – Awesome

Aww !!   The famous North American Hamburger now what could be closer to Heaven then this when it comes to comfort food. In recipe the meat will always be soft and juice. Just awesome with a side of fries.
Yeah, I know fat, calories well ?  Just  go ahead and have one and do not feel guilty for it because you can have your desired meal once in a while and still keep your diet and weight.  I have lost about  42 kilos and  I eat whatever I want twice a week and still have managed to keep my cravings under control. How ?
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Please tell me how yours turned out and did you make any changes to it…:)   



1 Lbs. – Medium ground beef.
1/4 Cup – Bread crumbs
1/2 Tsp. – Garlic powder
1 Tsp. Maggie, HP or worcester sauce 
3 Tbsp. – Milk

1 – Sm to med. egg
Salt and pepper to taste. 
1/2 to 1 Tbsp. – Soya sauce 



I like to use a medium ground beef because it has just the right amount of fat content to give it a nice round beefy taste. Make it the way you like for in this recipe even if you use a leaner meat it still will be moist and awesome.


Remember that the hamburger patty will shrink depending on the amount of fat in the beef.  Here I made the patty about 1/2 an inch larger then my bun, and it turned out to fit perfect.


Fry or BBQ your hamburger  until it is done about half way up the patty and then flip it over. Do not keep on flipping it more than necessary for it will tend to dry it out and then it will be tough and dry tasting.


Now go ahead and add your favorite toppings and make it your way.


Go ahead and enjoy for life is to short, bet yeah can not eat just one….:)


Old Fashion Hamburger – Awesome

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