Obložené Chlebíčky – Open Face Sandwiches

These open-face sandwiches are a summer staple and come in many varieties. They are great for entertaining as a snack or as a stand-alone meal. You can use baguettes or some Slovak potato bread.

IMG 1295

You will need (as a meal for 2:

Bread slices – 3 per person as a meal, less as a snack.
Vlašský  Šalát (Slovak Potato Salad) recipe
cucumber slices
1-2 sliced tomatoes
2 sliced hard boiled eggs
parsley to garnish

Place some of the potato salad on the slices of bread. Then place cucumber, tomatoes, eggs, and parsley on top. Garnish with leftover cucumber and tomato and serve leftover potato salad as a side.

Another less-heavy variation is to use a couple smoked ham and salami slices instead of the potato salad. If you do this, be sure to put something sticky on the bread, like a butter or cheese spread. Other variations include endless combinations of meats (usually ham) and cheeses (especially gouda or edam).

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