Nutella and hazelnut ice cream

Nutella and hazelnut ice cream

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As every year we have a heat wave here so I think it is a good time to start with ice creams …

It is very simple to prepare and you don’t need to have an ice cream maker or invert sugar. 

This ice cream is very sweet and creamy. I usually prefer chocolate ice creams less sweet, but my family love this, so here is the recipe.
Nutella and hazelnut ice cream


400 g sweetened condensed milk   
300 g Nutella  (hazelnut spread)
3 tablespoon butter
500 ml heavy whipping cream (35% fat)  
100 g coarsely chopped toasted hazelnuts
These amounts are for quite ice cream, so if you prefer  you can do half of ingredients.
To decorate: chocolate syrup, chocolate sprinkles, etc .


Mix together  the Nutella, the sweetened condensed milk and the melted butter until smooth.

Put the mixture in the refrigerator at least 4 hours, so it is very cold.

Refrigerate also cream, and if you have space put in the freezer the bowl and  the whisk too.  Whipping cream is easiest to do when the cream and the bowl are both cold, better if cream has been refrigerated for 24 hours at least before whipping.
 To prevent spatters, use a deep bowl and be sure to turn the mixer on only after the beaters are immersed in the cream.
Beat the cream until it forms firm peaks. Be careful  that cream doesn’t turn  into butter .

Mix the whipped cream with the cold mixture of Nutella, slowly and with circular motion.
Add the chopped hazelnuts and mix well to distribute.
If you have no ice cream machine: Place the mixture in a suitable container and introduce it into the freezer. After an hour, beat it vigorously and refreeze. Do it a couple of times to make it creamy ice cream.
If you have machine,  follow the instructions.
 I  put the mixture  in different molds to go slowly using them.

Nutella hazelnut ice cream


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