Nannu Salvu’s Toqlija

This soup is also suitable to freeze for up to at least 1 month, and it is also ideal if you or any members of your family are vegetarians as minor changes to ingredients would turn it into veggie soup heaven.
To make this fabulous soup you will need:
6 potatoes – ideally large
1 tomato
1 Onion – also large
2tbsp – tomato pure
2 chicken cubes – or vegetable cubes (for the veggies)
1 can peas – this ideally should be marrow fat as the garden peas aren’t so tasty for this soup.
1 slice bacon – (optional)
1 tbsp – oil
pinch of salt
A small handful of spaghetti split into small pieces. (this might sound strange, but in Malta, Italy and the Med we have special tiny pasta that we use specifically for soups – the crushed spaghetti is a suitable alternative)
       Put all the ingredients in a large pot,  (but not the pasta and leave half the marrow peas too) fill the pot half full with water
       Mix well, and cook on a high heat until water boils, mixing every now and then. Then turn it into a medium heat.
       When the potatoes are cooked, take them out and mash them, add the mashed potatoes back to the soup.
       Add this point add the pasta, and the other half of the marrowfat peas, mix well and turn it onto a low heat until the pasta have cooked.
       Enjoy with warm crusty bread and one or two glasses of wine!
Toqlija tan nannu salvu

Grandpa Sam 2527s Soup

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