Moravian Chicken Pie Recipe


One of our favorite dinners while living near Winston-Salem, NC, was their famous Moravian Chicken Pies.  These traditional pies are baked by the hundreds every year throughout the region, often for fundraisers during the holidays, and they are usually sold frozen so you can buy several to cook and serve as needed.  Once you’ve had one Moravian Chicken Pie (which is usually all you order–the FIRST time), and taste how delicious they are, you’ll want to order them again and again each year.

Here is my own recipe for how to make this delicious Moravian Chicken Pie, just like we used to have in NC.  I’ve included photos so you can see how the pie should look.  The traditional pie does not include veggies, or canned soup.  This is not a chicken pot pie; it’s a more simple recipe with chicken, broth, and seasonings.  If you want vegetables, better to serve them as a side dish.

I hope your family enjoys this recipe as much as ours does.  We’ll be making more soon, maybe even a few extra to put in the freezer! :o)

Moravian Chicken Pie


1 whole chicken, size large enough for your family
2 bay leaves
Onion powder, a few good shakes
Salt/Pepper (I use 1 pinch of each for cooking water, then 1-2 pinches each for pie)
1 c. chicken broth (reserved from cooking chicken)
1 T. flour (to thicken, if desired–we prefer to keep the pie more brothy so we do NOT add flour)
1 tsp. poultry seasoning
Double unbaked pie crust (thaw for 15 minutes if frozen)


Rinse chicken and remove giblets.  Place chicken in a large pot of water over medium-high heat.  Add bay leaves, onion powder, salt and pepper to cooking water.  Cover and bring to boil, then reduce heat and simmer until fully cooked; about 1 hour.  Remove chicken to a large bowl to cool off, reserving one cup of broth for the pie.  (I also freeze remaining broth in individual containers to be used later for other recipes.)


Remove skin and bones from cooked chicken, then shred chicken into smaller pieces with two forks.  It doesn’t have to be completely shredded, a mix with some larger pieces is fine.  Add broth to chicken, along with flour (if desired–to thicken), salt, pepper, and poultry seasoning.  Stir together until mixed well.  Place mixture in thawed, unbaked pie shell and cover with top crust, crimping edges.  (I also brush the top crust with a few T. of milk.)  Make a few cuts in top crust and place on shallow baking sheet.  Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown, about 40 minutes.  (About an hour if pie is frozen)


Notes: The gravy in this pie is very broth like, not really thick like a pot pie.  It’s also very good spooned over individual servings, if there’s enough.  You can also make this with a single top crust, instead of a double crust.  Other than that, don’t change a thing! :o)

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