Methi Soy Chunks Zunka – Guest Post for Prathima of Prathi Ruchi

I love getting invited to other people’s places. I mean, who doesn’t? Today I am going to Prathima’s place as a guest. Blogging has extended my boundaries to meet new people and to get to know new cuisines. Prats (as she is fondly known) is a dear blogger friend of mine. We became close with emails and online chats. She is a sweet and genuine person with a passion for cooking, the thing we share. I also admire the way she almost never gets stuck up for words, a boon we bloggers crave for. Here, again I am stuck up without any words for her.. 
She is getting married in November and I wish all happiness in the next phase of her life. Wishing her a Happy Married Life and all Happiness!

SoychunkssnackwithMethi Zunka

Did you know that soy chunks make a great snack. A bowl of simple soy chunks stir fry will make me happy. It is like snacking without feeling guilty. Coming to this recipe, zhunka was something which I have not heard of before I started blogging. As I said before, blogging has extended my boundaries and helped me getting to know various cuisines. Zunka is of Maharashtrian origin and is a simple to make tasty dish. I have already made Okra Zunka, but decided to bring in more flavour by adding dried methi leaves (kasuri methi) to the besan.

Just hop over to Prathima’s Space for the ingredients and the complete recipe.


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