Lemon Pistachio Cornmeal Muffins

MG 2112
 I wasn’t sure about the combination here, but I’ve learned in baking, as in life, that one needs to take chances sometimes and go with what isn’t so familiar. It can only lead to a sincere learning process and discovery of things that we may never have known, whether for the positive or the not so positive. When we learn something new, even if to realize that it is something we don’t want to incorporate in our lives, then the learning was a success. My, my, how philosophical we are today. And all because of some muffins!
So what did I learn here? That I love pistachios (although I knew that already) and I don’t use them enough in my baking. The combination of lemon and pistachio is so right.. who would have thought?! I am definitely a “texture” eater- besides taste of course, I am always looking for the texture of food. Texture can make or break it for me. The texture of these cornmeal muffins “makes” it for sure. Best eaten warm right out of the oven with a little slab of butter melting over the top, but also good warmed up later in the microwave (just a few seconds is all you need) or oven. These are great breakfast muffins or for that matter, great anytime muffins.
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You can find the very simple recipe here. Enjoy!

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