Homemade sour cream

Homemade sour cream

Homemade sour cream  (Receta en español aquí)

Sour cream is perfect as topping for baked potatoes, spooned over  and to enrich some Mexican dishes (Totopos, quesadillas, sincronizadas…)  
And the best thing is that you can prepare your own  homemade sour cream only with two ingredients:

200 ml single cream
2 teaspoons lemon juice


Add to the single cream the lemon juice and stir them together until just combined. Let the mixture stand out at room temperature for half an hour at less so lemon acid makes the cream ferment and thicken.

Sometimes if we don’t have cream we just use plain unsweetened Greek yogurt as substitute.

If you like sour cream thicker you can add some cream cheese  or cottage cheese and blend all together to combine.

It’s better to make just what you need but if you have some leftover try to use it as soon as possible and keep it in the fridge while.

I use this cream in some recipes like: Ground beef nachos and Ground beef quesadillas.

Homemade sour cream


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