Herring Ceviche – Healthy – Low Fat.

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Herring  Ceviche

Herring  Ceviche is just awesome and so Goooood for you, low-fat and  gives you brain food and everyone knows “we all need that”.  Please read below how this dish came about.



1 –  Lg 2 pieces  herring/sardine  (skin on).
1 — Lemon juice.
1 — Lime juice.
1 to 2 Gloves garlic.
1 — Med. Tomato.
1 /4 Cup olive oil.
1 /4 Cup parsley.
1/4  Cup green onions.

Grilled  (skins off, optional) 
1 — Green/red pepper.
1 /2 Zucchini.

1 — Hour Vegetables
1 — Hour pre-marinated fish.
6 — Hours raw fish. (min).


Ceviche,  How it came about. 

Ceviche is believed to have originated in Peru or Ecuador. In fact, it was the Inca and Pre-Inca times.

They  had Cities  all over the two Continents connecting them with trails called the “Inca trails”  and had long distance runners that carried the news to each place. Now all they had for food was dried yucca in a leather pouch  for the runners stable food as they ran.

Now when they did stop for another other meal in the Jungles, they found plenty of fish in the rivers and streams and with all the natural citrus trees around, it was easy to put two and two together.

A simply citrus bath with the fish was a great replacement for an open cooking fire for after all  they had no time to waste,  to keep  up the running pace for some City was expecting some “news”.


Hello, Everyone…..

I just love to make this recipe for my Loved ones and my Friends. Just to let you know my Chefs hat says in Polish
” Give Me A Kiss”…


Cooking for me is an Art  that I enjoy to its full extent and watching how happy we are in the Kitchen or at the table…

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Hey, Guy’s listen up if you want to impress a Girl then what better way then to make her an awesome dish. I’m sure that you will be rewarded a hundred times fold…………


An awesome Dish, you can not go wrong with this one. The flavors of the sweet fish combined with the citric lime’s gives you a taste that is sure to please.


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