Halloween Worms – Just Horrible


Halloween Worms.

What could be better for the kid’s then these worms that look like they come right out of the dirt. Get everyone involved in making them and just watch the fun.

I made these chocolate treat at a children’s party and it was a great success.  I got a few stares form the parents but when they got closer then they wanted one..All the children wanted more and we ran out very soon, so make sure you make enough for everyone plus seconds. 
The following measurements will make  you 3 cups.
I  package of gummy bears  worm type. 
1/3 Cup – Un-sweeten  coco  powdered 
2 Cups – Milk
2 Tbsp. – Butter
2 Tbsp. – Vanilla extract 
3 Tbsp. – Corn starch
1/2 Cup – Sugar
1 Plain chocolate bar. 
Halloween Worms –  Just Horrible

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