Haggis Soup

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Haggis Soup

Before I begin with how to make this amazingly creamy and delicious soup I have to tell you a little story

My lovely neighbour Cheryl (who is American, like all my neighbours) held a Soup sampling Party for NYE and invited her friends including us, her Scottish neighbours. So you know we had to make Haggis Soup, right? I teased Cheryl a little asking her via Facebook if she was scared that I was bringing Haggis Soup, this is how the conversation went

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Me, Cheryl and the Haggis soup

So I was more than prepared to bring my whole pot of Soup back home with no-one trying it, I am not easily offended by things like that and I totally get that not everyone can handle new things, especially new things like Haggis which gets such a bad rap in America, why is that? I think maybe us Scots have teased the whole world about our lovable Haggis, to the point that everyone is really scared of it… honestly people of the world, its not that scary

So needless to say the soup was finished, yes the whole soup pot was finished. Most people tried it and went home with bragging rights to having tried Haggis, most liked it from what they said….OK own up neighbours was it all a rouse? was it poured down the toilet? trickled in the plants ??

So one word, this soup is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

Okay, enough yapping, lets make it…

To make a bowl of delicious Haggis Soup

You will need

Haggis, neeps and tatties

1 large potato (or two small ones)
1 Turnip
1 large onion
Knob of Butter
1 tin of Haggis
32floz/950ml Chicken Stock
150ml Fresh whipping/pouring cream
salt and ground pepper

  • Chop and dice Potato, Turnip and Onion

  • Put onion into a large pot with the butter, fry until onions are soft and transparent
Onions and Butter

  • Add Chicken Stock to the pot
Add stock

  • Now add in the potato and turnip pieces and the contents of the Haggis can

  • Add salt and pepper (plenty of it don’t be shy)
  • Bring to boil then turn down to a rolling simmer for 30-40 minutes (stirring occasionally) until veg softens

  • Pour into a blender and blend until smooth

  • Pour back into the pot and add cream, stirring it in well
add cream

  • Enjoy, preferably with oat cakes on the side
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Haggis Soup
IMG 7167
Haggis Soup

This will make a great addition to your Burns Night menu

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