Grilled Zucchini and Summer Squash with Balsamic & Bleu

Grilled Zucchini & Summer Squash with Balsamic and Bleu
Grilled veggies are delicious year round. However, we don’t always think to make them when the weather outside is gloomy and cold or we are too lazy to fire up the BBQ.
Luckily I just treated myself to a really cool 10″ cast iron grill pan that fits perfectly on my stove top.  Not too big – not too small, but just the right size.


Which means that I will have the pleasure of eating grilled veggies on this wet and gloomy day. Zucchini and summer squash are my year round go-to veggies.  They are always available and quick and easy to prepare.


There are no hard rules to making this.  All you need is a simple dressing and a nice sharp cheese that will crumble, like Feta or Bleu.  My dressing of choice is a simple balsamic and I hardly sway from it because it’s very complimentary to grilled veggies. 

Balsamic vinegar has a smooth and mild flavor with a hint of sweetness that is very unique. The problem with balsamic vinegar is that it has such a harsh appearance.  Completely contrary to how it tastes.  So, I usually drizzle the dressing over the veggies so they don’t look grayish black.
The other option is to toss the grilled veggies in the dressing which will allow them to be evenly coated.  This method clearly lacks eye appeal, but taste great and works well over a bed of green salad.

Most veggies only take a few minutes to cook.  If you have a really hot pan/grill (which you should when grilling) I suggest you grill your veggies no more than 2 minutes per side.  Zucchini and squash cook really fast when you cut them into circles. However, other vegetable may take longer. It truly is personal preference.

Summer Squash
Red Bell Peppers
These are delicious at room temperature and the leftovers straight out of the fridge are equally as good.
2              Tbsp.     Balsamic Vinegar
1              clove     Garlic, minced
¼             cup         Olive Oil
                                Kosher salt
                                Black pepper
Place the balsamic, garlic and a couple of pinches of kosher salt and a pinch of black pepper in to a small mixing bowl.  Slowly whisk in the olive oil.

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