Gordon Ramsay’s Chunky Oven Chips

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Not something I thought I’d hear myself say, but Gordon Ramsay did me proud last week.

I planned to get oven chips for the kids to have with their cold beef left over from Sunday’s roast, but I forgot to buy them.  So a quick browse of the internet turned up Gordon Ramsay’s Chunky Oven Chips on the BBC Good Food website.

I guess I used more potato that the recipe suggested, as I prepared 5 baking potatoes for 5 of us.  I peeled the potatoes as unfortunately the skin can be a bit of sticking point with my kids.

The tricky bit was blanching the spuds, as although the water was boiling when I put them in, it took more than 5 minutes to come up to the boil again so I think they were boiled for a little too long.  Next time I’ll start the timer from when I plop them in the water whether it is boiling or not.

I tossed the blanched chips in a lot more oil than Gordon suggests and at one point thought this might have been why a few were breaking up, but now I think this might have been the over-blanching!

The result was crispy, fluffy, convincing chips.  Even Dad thought I’d bought them.  And five baking potatoes turns out not to be enough for our family!

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