Goat’s cheese and olives mini-bites


This time a very summer-y, yet tasty dish which is better served as a starter, or a nibble with aperitivo while you wait for dinner to cook or guests to arrive at a dinner party. It’s super easy to make.. and eat:) so make sure you prepare enough.

                                 IMG 20120204 203411

– 150 grams fresh goat cheese
– 60 grams black kalamata (greek) olives (or any other tasty, juicy olives)
– 100 grams sesame seeds
– 30 grams fresh thyme


– Finely chop the olives
– In a bowl, mix them with the goats cheese (get rid of the ‘skin’) and thyme and create bite-sized balls
– roll the balls in a small plate with sesame seeds, so as to evenly coat them
– served, possibly with toothpicks to make the nibbling easier!

Serve with a fruity white wine or non-alcoholic cocktails.


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